Vivid Flair

Vivid Flair began with the reverie of telling the story of the woman behind the dress. The dresses are elegant, understated, fluid and sophisticated. The Vivid Flair woman is the contemporary confident woman. She is a professional in every regard, but she loves dress up and socialize. Vivid Flair will accompany her throughout her most prideful moments and be there to tell the story of this unique woman. The Vivid Flair woman is all about developing her inner and outer beauty.

The brand’s unique positioning, is about telling the life story of the Vivid Flair woman. Vivid Flair follows this special woman throughout her active life and throughout her social engagements, at luncheons, cocktail parties, black tie dinners and galas. The Vivid Flair woman is keen, astute, well to do and most importantly, she is a woman with a cause determined to stand for something and to be fully realized. In that the Vivid Flair woman, is not any other woman, nor is she wearing any other dress. The Vivid Flair woman is interested in sustainable causes and world issues and has enough education, personality and determination to pursue them. Vivid Flair dresses the educated, affluent and enlightened woman.

Vivid Flair seeks to be differentiated from others, as being unique in its approach and being a leader in the evening gown category. Moreover, it intends to be diverse in its reach to women by providing them with opportunities to realize their potential and participate in meaningful causes. Vivid Flair seeks to be unique in the evening wear culture, by elevating the evening gown brand category. Vivid Flair will do so by creating an entire brand culture and lifestyle, which resonates with the unique Vivid Flair woman.